Microbial Growth & Mold Control

Get rid of dirt, dust, other particles and microbial growth

Microbial particles grow in ductwork when there is moisture and the temperature is warm.

A warm, humid environment is ideal for these growths to thrive, and you may need remediation.

Microbial growth could also grow in your air ducts when you have HVAC problems such as:

Mold control services

dangers,prevention, & remediation

DIY or Hire?

Should you hire a professional to remove suspect growth from the air conditioner duct?

A costly DIY

With all the health risks associated with mold, doing it yourself is simply not the solution.

Scrubbing microbial growth off your air duct with conventional cleaners won’t make it go away, and you may be leaving behind enough mold for it to grow back again.

You could accidentally damage your HVAC system if you try to remove mold yourself from the air conditioner duct.

People with allergies, immune suppression, chronic respiratory disease, or underlying lung diseases are more susceptible to fungal infections and have difficulty breathing.

Source: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention


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