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Dryer Vent Cleaning Two

Avoid Blocked Dryer Vents

Our highly skilled technicians clean your homes dryer vent. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, home dryer fires cause $230 million dollars in damage annually in the US.

Blocked or constricted dryer vents can cause multiple problems, such as poor dryer performance, wasted energy as well as the potential for fire!  The US suffers more than 15,000 dryer vent related fires every year.

If you notice that your dryer simply isn’t getting the job done in one dryer cycle, the problem most likely is debris and lint blocking the dryer vent.

Duct Doctor DMV professionally and thoroughly cleans and blows out this buildup to prevent the above mentioned problems.  Don’t wait until you have a problem – let our crews clean out your dryer vents and provide the service you need to operate your dryer at peak performance.