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Our Coronavirus Response

We want all our of clients to rest assured we are working hard to eliminate coronavirus in the commercial workplace and in residential homes. Duct Doctor remains in operation with a protocol in place to keep techs and clients safe during service. We are experts at cleaning up biohazards like viruses, molds, and bacteria.

The respiratory disease, COVID-19, caused by a new Coronavirus, has spread rapidly around the world. And it continues to impact us here in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Clean air is vitally important, please read this new article from The Atlantic.

The virus is highly infectious and can remain alive on surfaces for extended periods of time. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, symptoms occur two days to two weeks after exposure and include fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

If you are experiencing these or any concerning symptoms, consult your healthcare provider immediately. Duct Doctor believes prevention of transmission is the key, followed by extensive testing and contact tracing. For months now Duct Doctor has been fighting the virus everywhere we go, while protecting the safety of our techs and clients.

Duct Doctor Remains on Call

We are in operation with an emergency protocol in place to keep techs and clients safe during service. We are working with businesses that have reopened to provide cleaning and nontoxic, antimicrobial fogging (coming soon), so that spaces are prepared to reopen/continue operating.

With vital health services stretched thin, priority is being given to medical offices, but we will accommodate all commercial sites as quickly as possible. To help combat the spread of the Coronavirus, Duct Doctor DMV includes antimicrobial services with all residential HVAC cleanings at reduced rates. Our antimicrobials are safe for use, require no wiping or washing, and are EPA List-N registered. While effective against Sars-Cov-2, our products also kill the primary residential targets of Molds and Bacteria, and Allergens that frequently cause symptoms in our clients.

Irritants in duct debris, circulating in your home, can create symptoms that challenge the body’s ability to fight a respiratory contagion. We are cleaning homes and offices in a safe way for clients and techs.

We’re Antivirus Experts

Duct Doctor staff are trained to operate in biohazard situations; it’s a normal part of our job. We have taken that knowledge and increased the scope to 24/7, on and off site. We also have the equipment and sanitizing materials needed to safely kill the virus, and we know the proper way to use it. We are not a company that is just now offering these types of services; we are prepared and able!

Duct Doctor has unique equipment, capable of rapid, mobile, high-capacity, sanitization of ducts, surfaces, and airspaces. We can treat any size home or commercial space.

All services are cost effective; the price gouging recently of essential supplies has been upsetting, and Duct Doctor will only offer professional, methodical, safe services at our normal rates.

We are able to operate in a Food Safe way. We routinely treat sensitive locations, such as:

  • Restaurants

  • Grocery Stores

  • Blood Testing Labs

  • Doctor’s Offices

  • Hotels

We were cleaning up biohazards safely and effectively long before the current outbreak. Duct Doctor has the experience and equipment to fight back against Coronavirus in a safe way for all concerned!

Wipe Out Viruses and Other Pathogens 

HVAC Duct Cleaning

Regardless of the virus, it is allergy season, homes have been shut since winter, and debris in your airspace can cause symptoms. Irritants in your air can inflame or exacerbate symptoms, and this may reduce your resistance to infection. Duct cleaning is important, now more than ever, as part of your antiviral plan.

We service business offices, medical buildings and most commercial facilities.
We service business offices, medical buildings and most commercial facilities.

Disinfectant Fogging
Disinfectant fogging takes disinfection to a new level. Our technicians use a ULV Fogger to disperse the vapor into the desired space. The disinfectant used will bind to anything it comes in contact with including the hard to reach places that normal cleaning can’t reach. Disinfectant fogging also combats airborne pathogens.

Our disinfectant is non-corrosive and is on the EPA list of approved products to use against COVID-19. Whether it’s your home, orriceWhether it’s your home, office or business, our disinfectant fogging services can work for you.

Surface Fogging/Cleaning

Duct doctor also offers services to fog surfaces and wipe them down in any size internal space for walls, ceilings, tables, desks, and industrial/commercial settings.

Working Safe

Duct Doctor has the strongest preventative measures in the industry to keep techs and clients safe while we do our work. We go beyond CDC guidelines to prevent or contain infection in any home or commercial location:

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

  • N99 respirator

  • Nitrile 3mil gloves

  • Surgical cap

  • Tyvek face shield/Suits (as necessary)

  • We have created an “Enhanced PPE Protocol” for services in known exposure sites utilizing full body sealed suits and 3m 7200 face gear. Thankfully the need for this is rare, but we are serious about your safety and ours, while maintaining the capability to operate in ANY situation!

Emergency Staff Protocol

  • One person per vehicle as possible. Masks worn in truck, and techs social distance from each other.

  • Truck cab, tools, etc. are decontaminated between jobs

  • Staff will sanitize surfaces on site that they touch or are judge at risk

  • Staff will maintain social distancing from each other and clients on site.

  • Staff have voluntarily agreed to a biohazard protocol during off-duty hours including self-quarantine, distancing from family members, masks and gloves if leaving home, and self-monitoring of any possible symptoms.

  • Staff are provided sanitizer for personal use at home

  • Staff have a decontamination procedure to fog themselves before removing protective gear to prevent cross-contamination when touching uniforms or protective gear while removing

Additional Procedures for Clients

We will provide our anti-microbial service, which is non-toxic but verified to kill Coronavirus, to all residential clients while performing HVAC cleaning services. This will be provided at a reduced cost during the pandemic. In a world where so many look to price gouge these essential items, Duct Doctor will make these services cost-effective and available to all clients!

Our anti-microbial fogging machine is coming soon, and we will add it to our list of services.

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